"LUXURY" The word alone conjures powerful imagery, and special feelings. It may be a long weekend in an exclusive hotel, or a collection of the most stylish brands, or anything in between that captures our Gatsby-like sense of aspiration and longing.


To provide a truly personalized experience, it's critical to have a real understanding not of a market, but of The Luxury Tour Company who make up that market, and the specific triggers that make your experience enriching, rewarding, fulfilling, unique-or any of the other characteristics that satisfy your expectations for the luxury brand.

How to ascertain if you've truly arrived in life. (This dossier aims to supply some helpful clues.) The Where, What, Who and How of luxury travel

There comes a time when you must ask yourself not just where you want to go, but how you want to get there and what you will do once you reach your destination.

We are not, of course, referring to your career, net worth or destiny; but rather, what your notions of proper vacationing are.

Once you have the means, how better to find fulfillment than by travel?
"Wealth is the ability to fully experience life."
~ Henry David Thoreau
Riches and recklessness

Then again, there are those who've squandered their fortunes away in ostentation and wasteful journeys. Because being well-off doesn't automatically mean being wise.

Some notable (and notorious) examples of the travel follies of the wealthy:

Dennis Kozlowski, former CEO of Tyco, received widespread attention for his decadent lifestyle. For his wife's 40th birthday, Kozlowski staged an extravagant $2 million party on the Italian island of Sardinia. The party featured an ice-sculpture replica of the Statue of David that. er, issued vodka.

While Swaziland prepared for famine and suffered from a nationwide epidemic, the country's monarch King Mswati III spent $45 million of state funds to purchase a private jet. The amount was equivalent to the government's healthcare budget for the entire population during a two-year period!

One night in February 1976, Elvis Presley decided he wanted a Fool's Gold Loaf - a special sandwich made of hollowed bread, a jar of peanut butter, a jar of jelly, and a pound of bacon. Along with his entourage he flew from Memphis to Denver on an impulse. The group ate their sandwiches and then flew home. The price tag for this whim: $60,000.

Privilege and prudence However, when you are endowed with good taste and good sense, then there are tell-tale signs of it. Especially when you go on a trip with your loved ones.

These are clues that you've secured both your money's worth, and some unforgettable memories that you will always cherish.

Here are some of them:

Clue #1

Extraordinary modes of getting around.
A gleaming stretch limousine whisks you across the sylvan countryside. And that's only the airport-hotel transfer. The rest of the time, you zip about in your own sports car on rent. A helicopter takes you up for a bird's eye-view of the estate. Champagne sunsets on a private yacht. Balloon safari, anyone? Conveyance is suddenly a crude, impoverished word.

Clue #2

Stunning vistas
No longer set aside for the gods; you are privy to many of the world's most breathtaking picture-postcard panoramas. A yawning meteorite crater down under in the Great Outback. Majestic herds of antelope and wildebeest bolting across the Serengeti. A jagged volcanic lip grazing the Balkan sky. Or an archipelago of white-ringed emerald isles dotting the clear, cobalt blue waters of the Pacific.

Clue #3

The common, yet uncommon
You sometimes indulge in humdrum activities such as buying groceries or feeding the pigeons, except that you happen to be carrying them out in exotic locales around the world. Strolling through a quaint Mediterranean village, sampling delectable breads and cheeses, for instance. Or, loitering in an antiques bazaar in downtown Havana.

Clue #4

The minutiae
Availability of your choice of spirits or favourite periodicals is just a minor detail that you needn't bother with, but simply take for granted. These things only need the attention of your valet. That's right, your personal attendant. "Your copy of the Times of India is here, sir" he says as he hands you the newspaper when you retire to your suite, while the '88 Cheval Blanc awaits you in a silver ice pail by the bedside.

Clue #5

A prestigious relationship
Lastly, the most irrefutable evidence of all: the fact that you're an esteemed client of The Luxury Tours Company, whether as a regular or as a first-timer.

Merely being a recipient of this invitation is indication enough of your stature. Taking what is rightfully yours, namely; any of our exclusive and bountiful overseas holiday packages, demonstrates real class. And is money well-spent.

Skiing in Slovenia. Wine-tasting in Bremen. A pleasure cruise in the Carribean. Whatever tickles your fancy.

"THE LUXURY TOUR COMPANY" as we were the first to launch this concept in India. This division caters to the Travel Requirements for the Up-Market Traveler. The Indian is growing day by day as people are spending money on Luxury as a whole. It is not just the luxury word, there are also luxury plus for those who have the cash to splash on destinations. The seriously rich and affluent represent just 1 per cent of the entire population, but with a base of one billion people, it still adds upto 10 million high end customers, a substantial number in any market. They are what is being termed Global Indians, the ones who are traveling abroad at the drop of a barbour hat. They are acquisitive, brand conscious and, above all they want the best and they want it now.

To design specialized Luxury Framed Itineraries we consider all the following aspects:

The Luxury Tours Co. leaves no stone unturned to meet your exacting standards. Our holidays are completely customized and designed to delight unequivocally. The destinations we offer are myriad and multi-hued. It all begins with one phone number, and you're well on your way to defining fine living.